Ecoso Dynamics, a young dynamic company, is well-established to source and process natural raw materials. Chain management is practised with regard to the Devil’s Claw which mainly occurs in Namibia. This implies that a product reaches the consumer in an efficient way that does not neglect ecological or social principles.

The name Ecoso basically signifies the balance and the dynamic relationship between ecological, economic and social factors. Sustainability can only be achieved when these factors are taken into consideration. Ecoso Dynamics has a long history of sustainable developments. Training programmes and consultations on the principles of holistic management are conducted in the commercial as well as the communal field in Namibia.

Ecoso Dynamics adheres to ethical principles which can be used advantageously in marketing.

Marketing Philosophy

Ecoso aims at becoming known for the protection and safeguarding of resources while building a secure and reliable market through innovative product development. In the long term Ecoso has a base of regular customers who regard themselves as part of the production chain and thereby strive for the same values as Ecoso.

The advantages of Ecoso Products are

· Guaranteed long-term supplies
· Superb quality in accordance with international standards
· Respectable, reliable, competent and transparent parties to a deal
· Guaranteed sustainable harvesting of the raw material

Our Concept for Safeguarding Resources

When utilising the Devil’s Claw and other plants Ecoso Dynamics does not in any way participate in ruinous exploitation or give cause for social grievances; both are actively counteracted.

Ecoso guarantees a sustainable harvest in Namibia’s communal and commercial farming areas. Controllers and trainers are employed for this purpose.

The quality of the raw material is examined by area so that every batch of the harvest can be traced to its origin.

Without circumstance our partners are thus participating in a fair trade and even receive the product at a better price.

Due to the competitive price which Ecoso Dynamics can offer, an annual supply of about 100 tons of dried Devil’s Claw is secured.

The marketing and integration into a production network of other plants which occur in Namibia or can be cultivated is envisaged.

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